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car title loans in Los Angeles
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car title loans in Los Angeles
If your credit record is bugging you – and stopping you from getting cash from other sources – you can still apply for one our car title loans. The application process involves no credit check.

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Life in LA

Life in Los Angeles today isn’t what it once was! In fact, the first people who lived here were from the Chumash and Tongva tribes. Los Angeles was at one time claimed by Spain, and when it was officially established in 1781 it became an area of Mexico. It was only after the Mexican War of Independence in 1821 that LA was purchased by the United States. In 1850, Los Angeles became an incorporated municipality and five months later California became a US state. Since then Los Angeles has become the largest city in California and the 2nd largest in the US.


Getting Cash Loans in LA

As a home to some 14 million, life isn’t always so easy. You can be between jobs, have old debts that need to be paid off or hit with emergency situations that require some quick cash. Servicing the people of Los Angeles, we offer car title loans for all applicants. Bad credit and no credit don’t necessarily present a problem for most of our applicants, since we use a private car that you own as collateral. We offer car title loans in Los Angeles from $2,600 and higher! Call us and check the possibility of unlocking the hidden capital within your vehicle. Having a bad credit score may result in getting the loan application turned down by the bank. When you apply for a car title loan in Los Angeles, credit score is not the only criterion. If you show the ability to repay the loan, you’re most likely to get pre-approved for a loan.

We know that people looking for a car title loan are often those who have been dealt a tough hand in the card game of life. That’s why we do our best to provide a fast application process that won’t keep you waiting too long until you find out if the loan has been approved or not. You can either fill in the online form and find out instantly how much cash you might be getting according to your vehicle’s make, model and year, or you can simply call us at (323) 303-3893.

Bad things don’t just happen to other people. It’s a sad situation, but undeniably true that none of us knows exactly what the future may hold. We are offering title loans to one of the greatest and largest metropolitan areas in the world so that means an awful lot of people find this is the way to apply for a bad credit loan. Our loans team members are waiting to answer your questions about the application process, so you’ll know what is your status and have all the options in front of you.

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*Open since May 2015

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Address: 8700 Venice Blvd. #102, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am-7pm; Sat: 10am-4pm; Sun: closed.

Branch License Number: 60DBO-46084

*Open since August 2016

 Keep driving your car while you pay the auto title loan back

Title Loans

Car title loans are a form of secured borrowing. The car title documents are held by us for the duration of the loan’s term, meaning that you part with are the paper documents – the car continues to be yours to drive while repaying the loan. Once the whole amount of the loan and the interest rates is paid back to us, the documents go back to you and the car’s legal title reverts to you entirely. Simple!

This means in effect that when you take out a car title loan from us, you are receiving a loan that you can use for any purpose, from paying the bills to taking a much needed vacation. After all, just think what you could be doing with several thousand dollars sitting in the bank all ready for you to use.

Auto Title loans do mean that we become what is technically known as the lien holders and assume temporary ownership, but unlike when you go to a pawn shop, you don’t have to consign your car to a locked yard while you are repaying the car title loan. And because it is a secured loan and credit score is just a part of our credit criteria, we are able to offer the title loans to applicants with bad credit.

Find out online how much cash you can get

Car Title LoansWith one of our car title loans in Los Angeles you can bring back the power of making decisions about your future. You and you alone will decide how you spend that money – paying off bills, helping your kids through college, or even taking that dream vacation. It’s yours to spend and doesn’t that sound a great prospect.

Bear in mind that with our auto title loans we offer you a very wide band of potential borrowing starting at $2,600, depending among other things on the equity of your car. So whatever of the options we suggest above, the choice is yours to make. What we suggest that you do is to consult the helpful app that we have right on this site as part of the all-round service that we offer our customers. By filling in the form you can check out with our link to Kelley’s Blue Book to get a clearer idea of the amount of money we are likely to be able to offer you.

Apply Online Today

Go ahead and send in your request today – there is no obligation! The form at the bottom of this page is a simple questionnaire that will help us determine if your situation fits our credit requirements. We need to know who you are and the details of a car that you own, meaning that your name is listed on the car title as its sole owner. If you qualify, we will contact you for more information.

Q: How do I apply?
A: Call (323) 303-3893 to start applying over the phone or fill out the application form online.
Q: Will I keep driving my car?
A: Yes. We become the lien holders throughout the loan period, buy you'll keep driving your car
Q: Can I apply for a title loan with bad credit?
A: Yes. You can qualify for a title loan even if you had credit problems, as it's not the only credit criterion.