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Auto Title Loans Los Angeles

Car title loans requirements

Easy guide to car title loans

Car title loans are very popular way of getting instant cash today because there are very few requirements. The easy qualification makes them the perfect type of loan for people with bad credit or even for applicants who have never had credit before. The application process is simple and it’s easy to get approved. Read on to see how you can get instant approval when you apply for a car title loan.

Credit status not an issue

One of the absolute best things about car title loan requirements is that there are no credit checks. No matter what your credit status is or your past financial history, you can be approved for car title loans in Los Angeles only by sending in your application. This type of loan is dependent strictly on the value of your personal car, not on your credit rating, your place of employment or how much money is in your bank account. You can keep your car as the only requirement is your car title. The title loan company will keep your title until the loan is repaid.

get fast cash with minimal requirements

Car ownership

The main requirement in getting a car title loan is owning a car. That simply means that you have paid all of your car payments (or nearly that is) and you can prove ownership of your personal vehicle. If your car is paid for, then your name will be listed on your car title. Once the loan office receives your online car title application and car title, the vehicle will be evaluated. According to how much your car is worth, you will be approved for an instant loan of $2,600 to $20,000. Another of the car title loans requirements is that you can make the monthly payments.

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