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How to preserve car value

Make the most of your biggest asset

Car value goes fastest within the first two years (It loses a lot as soon as you drive it home from the showroom!) But these days there is no reason why that should make a car owner, particularly one who is watching the pennies, change up every two years however much the auto manufacturers would like to persuade you otherwise. Our suggestion to avoid fast car depreciation would be to keep it but look after it.

Helpful Tips for Car Value Preservation – Print & Keep

Let’s go to some specifics which we hope will prove helpful:

1. If you haven’t yet bought the car, consider a radical departure. To avoid car depreciation, start off with a second hand car. A used car value falls far less fast than does a new car and of course you will have paid far less to start with.

2. Keep the car regularly serviced and maintained – and make sure that you have the evidence to back it up.  Have the car’s service manual ready to be stamped at each service and keep hold of the receipts.  If you have to fit spare parts, such as a new clutch or brake pads, make sure that you can show any potential buyer in the future where and when it all happened and how much it cost.  You will certainly add to car value that way.

3. It’s a very lucky – or maybe an extremely skillful and careful – driver who can avoid the little bumps and scratches that tend to disfigure so many cars. Don’t let them become regular features – try at least once a year to restore your car to the state in which you bought it.  When the time comes to sell your car people will look at the little tell-tale matters and assume that if you miss out on one, you will miss out on the big things as well.

4. It seems obvious to bolster used car value but take your car to the car wash- that is if you don’t feel like getting out the bucket, hose, sponge and leathers yourself. No one will feel like buying a filthy car. All in all, make your car one that you would feel like buying yourself if you were on the other side of the transaction.

If you need a loan our car title loans in los angeles are based on the value of your car so preserving its value will eventually get you more cash.

The Importance of a Car value Calculator

We always recognize that for someone to take out a car title loan represents a pretty big undertaking with many implications. No one should go into this kind of arrangement without thinking the whole thing through and working out exactly what the costs will be and the changes in the household budget that will be necessary. For that reason, and as part of our continuing desire to provide the very best service for our highly valued customers, we have linked up with Kelley’s Blue Book. Universally accepted in the US motor trade as the definitive pricing guide for new and used cars, there is simply no better place to go for a car value calculator and now, when you come to our site, you will find a car value calculator from Kelley’s Blue Book which will enable you to have a very clear idea of what your car is worth and the amount you are likely to receive when you apply. Armed with that information, you will be able to plan your loan application seriously.

KBB Used Car Value

Since the 1920s, Kelley’s Blue Book (KBB) has been the authority for all transactions in the motor trade and their valuation of the worth of a car is accepted wherever you go throughout the United States. Using the Kelley’s Blue Book calculator which is now embedded in our website all our potential customers can get a very clear indication of the KBB Used Car Value of their car and what they are likely to be offered in terms of a loan. Knowing this saves a great deal of time and eliminates a lot of doubt. It also allows people to really make careful plans about how much money to ask for bearing in mind that a loan is a loan and not a birthday present. Just because you are so anxious to get your hands on the money, doesn’t mean that it should become a dash to the finish line! Use the information to plan out your tactics, deciding what to ease from your household budget to allow for loan repayments. That way the loan you take out will really be the boost that your finances need!

Establishing a True Car Value

True car value, sometimes known as True Market Value (incorporated in the Kelleys Blue Book section of our site) is a handy appraisal tool to work out the value of used cars. You can find the TMV price for your vehicle if and when you want to sell it or use it as a trade-in. Once you’ve entered a car’s make, model, year, options, mileage and condition, the information for a particular car is displayed. And so you know from the experts just what your car may be worth and therefore to what extent you will be able to use it as a means of obtaining finance through the flexible method of a car title loan. You may be pleasantly surprised just how high the true car value of your car may be – alternatively you may be disappointed – but with the help of Kelley’s you will leave the world of guesswork and have something much more definite on which to base your calculations. Having this function is yet another way in which we make life as easy as possible for the car owners and the community that we serve.

Car toy and calculator stay on the dollars

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