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Auto Title Loans Los Angeles

How to get a loan with bad credit?

A Bank Loan Isn’t the Only Option of Receiving a Loan

If you’ve ever tried to get a loan with bad credit, you know it’s hard. The borrowing options are pretty limited and the interest rates can go as high as a whopping 650% annual percentage rate with an unsecured payday-type loan. And those types of loans are generally only available until your next payday.

If your credit history is bad as a result of late or missed payments or running up too much debt, you’re going to have trouble getting a loan. One way around this brick wall is if you can put up collateral. The most valuable things most people have are their homes and their cars. A home equity loan is a complicated loan to get. Besides the collateral of your home, a home equity loan requires quite a lot of paperwork and an excellent credit history.

Car title loans in los angeles – A solution for bad credit applicants

If you own your car and have bad credit, a great option for you could well be a car title loan. Car title loans in los angeles are short-term loans, designed for people who have an urgent need for cash. It’s relatively easy to get and doesn’t require a credit check, so having less than perfect credit is not a problem.

How to Find a Car Title Loan Company?

To find a car title loan company, try searching online for car title loans plus the name of your state and city. You can begin the application process online or with a phone call. Car title loan officers are anxious to do business, so they specialize in giving excellent service and in approving every possible applicant. When you’re dealing with a car title loan officer, everything will be explained to you, from the amount you can borrow (generally from $2600 up to $20,000 depending on the value of your car), the documentation you need to show to close the loan (generally the original title to your vehicle and your valid, state-issued driver’s license) and the repayment terms.

Fast Cash for Cars at Your Disposal

Once you’ve been approved, you sign a few papers and you can get your money right away. In many cases, the whole process can take only a very short amount of time – even an hour. Many borrowers are relieved to know that a car title loan does not require them to give away their car keys, so they can keep using their cars to drive to and from work.

For car owners with less than perfect credit, a car title loan can be the very best, hassle-free option for solving your need for immediate cash.

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