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Auto Title Loans Los Angeles

Am I qualified for a pink slip loan in Los Angeles?

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Pink slip loans, often known as car title loans or auto title loans, have been a revelation in the finance world over the past decade. That period has seen a peak in what has been apparent for some time – the declining interest (in the human sense that is!) that banks take in small accounts both individual and business. Such accounts are expensive to maintain and with staff economies being the rule, most small account holders seeking a loan are referred to a computer which has been programmed to say “no”.

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What an enormous contrast with the way a pink slip loan is negotiated. We set out to give people access to quick and available finance.  The way this all happens – via pink slip loans – is very simple. We don’t go digging into anyone’s credit records and we don’t ask them to fill out any long and complicated forms to prove their acceptability.  All we need to know is that he, she or they are the unquestioned owner(s) of a private motor car and that there is still equity remaining that can be used for collateral.  That, in very simple terms, is how someone qualifies for a pink slip loan in Los Angeles.

So if you are in need of money in a hurry and you are one of the many, many people who qualifies, what do you have to do?  The answer is either call us up on (323) 303-3893 or use the form on this website.  A few simple questions and you’ll soon be pre-approved for a loan – and you keep the car while you repay the loan.

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