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Auto Title Loans Los Angeles

The basics of car title loans

Learn about the benefits

If you look up the word “loan” in the dictionary, you will get the following result “a thing that is borrowed, especially a sum of money that is expected to be paid back with interest”. That’s the key thing – one person (or organization) lends money to another and ultimately profits by it through the interest paid on the loan. Interest terms can vary enormously depending on the size and duration of the loan and on the level of security offered by the borrower.

Your Vehicle’s Title Serves as the Collateral for the Loan!

Car title loans (or as they are sometimes referred to as pink slip loans) are the ideal solution for people who, often for reasons well beyond their control, have a bad credit history and would frequently be refused a loan from a bank or similar institution. Now the basic element of a car title loan is that the loan company will not be interested in the credit history or status of the borrower. That is because the remaining equity in a privately owned motor vehicle provides all the collateral that is required. This factor of course widens the range of individuals who can hope to successfully apply for such a loan which can be for any amount between $2,600 and $20,000.

Online Pink Slip Loans for any Purpose

The next advantage to the potential applicant is that he (or she) will not suffer any limitation or restriction in the usage to which he can put the loan. It could be to help cope with a flurry of ever-rising utility bills, to buy a second car, to finance a trip abroad or to deal with the consequences of unexpected job loss.

Smooth & Simple Loan Process for All Credit Types

The process of getting a car title loan is hassle-free and extremely quick. Once an applicant has decided how much to borrow he places a call to our friendly loans team whose task it is to expedite his request into reality. Normally all that is required is a few simple and straightforward questions focusing on the make and model of the car being used as security following which arrangements are made for the loan to be approved, the borrower to hand over the car title documents and in return to receive the check!

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